Letter: Havre de Grace residents urged to support rebuilding high school


When I was first elected to the Havre de Grace City Council back in the May time frame, I was informed by the Harford County Council that a new Havre de Grace High School was not even on the Board of Education's radar screen. But because of the concerted efforts of Havre de Grace alumni, residents and most importantly our students, that is no longer the case. During the past six weeks, during multiple forums, we have addressed Security issues, Safety issues, Technological Shortcomings and the list goes on and on.

On Sept. 24 (this coming Monday), the Board of Education will be voting on the Capital Improvement Program for Harford County Public Schools. It is our hope that all our tireless efforts will pay off and we will finally make the list. But we need your help. We need a huge turnout. Think of the message we will send if the building is packed with Maroon and White. I encourage everyone (to include the students) to attend this very important meeting. Again, the Board of Education will hold their meeting on Monday, Sept. 24, at 6:30 PM at the A.A. Roberty Building at 102 South Hickory Ave. in Bel Air. 

This is our primary opportunity to reinforce that the students at Havre de Grace High School deserve the same opportunities for educational success as those in other parts of the county. They are tired of being referred to as the school of "have nots." They are tired of doing without. With strength in numbers, we can leave the Board of Education with one thought: "It's their turn – they have waited long enough and deserve a safe and secure place in which to learn."

Look forward to seeing you on Sept. 24 and pass the word.

David Glenn

Havre de Grace City Council

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