Letter: Stand Tall in the Stall Saggy


Recently, an article appeared in The Aegis, which stated that Mr. Kelly had witnessed the great horse, Citation, winning his first race at the Havre de Grace Race Track (Graw) in 1947. I was there in 1948 to witness a great Maryland horse named Saggy, who beat the great Citation! That win has been "played down" for the last 65 years. What's irked me over the years, was the fact that Citation's trainers gave so many different excuses about why he didn't win that race; "It was a cold, wet day at the Havre de Grace Racetrack that day," "Arcaro, his jockey, was riding Citation for the first time," "Another horse carried Citation wide at the turn," "Saggy was a great mudder!"

Blah, Blah, Blah...

There are no excuses in horse racing, and only one horse can win! (Unless, of course, it's a dead heat!) I never heard any excuses from Saggy's trainer or owners when Citation beat him in a later race. So, let's give credit to SAGGY, a great Maryland horse who beat Big Cy in Havre de Grace, 1948!

Robert M. Dillow


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