Rape charges dropped against Havre de Grace man

Charges have been dropped against a hearing-impaired Havre de Grace man who was accused of raping a woman in April.

The incident dates to April 3, when Havre de Grace Police responded to a call of a woman lying on the ground in the 3000 block of Lewis Lane, according to an article published in The Record last spring. The woman told police she had been raped and identified Robert Stanley Pole, 56, of the 500 block of Hall Court, as the man responsible.

Pole, who is deaf and mute, was charged with second-degree rape, second-degree assault, attempted second-degree rape and two counts of third-degree sexual offense.

After he spent months in jail, the state dropped the charges against Pole Monday, Pole's lawyer, David Carey of Bel Air, said.

"He's someone who obviously cannot speak for himself," Carey said, "and while this case was pending he spent six months in jail."

In addition to the lack of DNA evidence, the woman gave "differing accounts," of what happened that day, Carey said.

Her original story, according to The Record article, was that she walked into the BP gas station where Pole works to ask for a ride home. After he gave her a ride home, she was found outside her home having a seizure and told police she was raped.

At the time, Assistant State's Attorney Kemba Lydia-Moore said in the The Record article that there was physical evidence on the woman from ripped clothing to marks on her neck.

When the DNA evidence came back, which included samples taken from the woman, Pole and his car, the state dropped the charges, according to Carey. The rape exam at the hospital didn't show any confirmation of the incident either, he added.

Harford State's Attorney Joseph Cassilly also said there wasn't enough evidence for the charges.

"We just didn't get what we felt was enough evidence to pursue the case in front of a jury," Cassilly said Thursday.

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