Two charged with robbery, assault in Aberdeen

An Aberdeen man was held without bail and a woman was held on $50,000 bail Wednesday afternoon after allegedly robbing a woman and dragging her 50 feet down the street while she held onto a car.

Jacob M. Seaman, 24, and Kayla M. Barker, 23, both of the first block of Spesutia Road, were charged Tuesday with robbery, first-degree assault and second-degree assault. Both of them appeared before District Court Judge John Dunnigan in a bail review hearing Wednesday afternoon.

In all statements provided by Seaman, Barker and the woman they allegedly assaulted, Barker was driving the car during the incident, according to charging documents. Also in the car was Barker's two-month-old baby and another person.

Barker picked up the woman, who said she needed to pick up her boyfriend's prescriptions, and drove her to a Bel Air pharmacy, according to charging documents. On the way back from the pharmacy, Barker pulled over so Seaman could urinate and the woman had to get out of the car to let him out, she reported.

Once he was seated and she tried to get back into the car, according to charging documents, Seaman allegedly grabbed her purse and told Barker to drive away. The victim was allegedly then dragged about 50 feet until she let go of her purse.

Deputies later found the purse, without the $80 cash and three prescriptions — Oxycodone, Baclofen and Alprazolam — that the victim said was in it.

Barker and Seaman told police Seaman got into an argument with the victim and Barker pulled over and told her to get out. Once she didn't, according to charging documents, Seaman pushed the victim out of the car. Barker also said that when they noticed her purse was still in the car, they threw it out the window and that the victim allegedly paid her for the drive with four-to-five green pills.

Deputies did not find the lost prescriptions in a search of the vehicle.

During Seaman's bail review hearing Wednesday, Assistant Public Defender Omar Simpson said Seaman has lived in the area his entire life. Assistant State's Attorney Sal Fili, however, said the incident had a "violent nature," and requested Seaman be held without bail. The judge agreed.

Before these charges, Seaman was out on $20,000 bond from a Harford County Circuit Court case he is indicted in and charged with two counts of first-degree burglary, two counts of fourth-degree burglary and two counts of theft less than $1,000, according to electronic court records.

Seaman also said during bail proceedings that he intended to represent himself in court.

According to Assistant Public Defender Michael Ambridge, Barker has "no priors" and is the mother of two young children. Ambridge also said there are several versions of the incident that allegedly involved Barker, Seaman and another woman and that Barker was not "very involved" in what happened.

He recommended a bond reduction.

Both Dunnigan and Fili said, however, that Barker allegedly drove a vehicle that dragged the woman down a street for 50 feet.

After stating that having two public defenders, Simpson and Ambridge, represent two different clients in the same case is a conflict of interest, Fili said a $50,000 bond was "inappropriate" for the situation and recommended that Barker be held without bail.

Dunnigan decided that bail would remain at $50,000.

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