Harford residents unveil new Baltimore Ravens T-shirt

The creators of a popular Baltimore Orioles' shirt are back at it and this time, seeking retribution for the Baltimore Ravens.

Last year, Larry Noto and Garth Gerhart, both Abingdon residents at the time, brought baseball fans the now well-known "IN BUCK WE TRUST" T-shirt.

The shirt became very popular and was mentioned on ESPN and the MLB Network, according to Noto.

"It was just really cool to have this idea and then all of a sudden we'd be at Oriole Park and see fans wearing the shirt," he said Wednesday.

After their success with the Orioles shirt, Noto said they wanted a follow-up and the upcoming Ravens' season was the catalyst for the idea.

Now, Noto and Gerhart, who has since moved to Bel Air, plus Tom Rowe, created a new T-shirt and video to promote the shirt on http://www.retribution2012.com.

The purple shirts are available on Swagdog.com, under the name Baltimore Retribution. Emblazoned on the shirts in white are the words "new season," "new hope" and "New Orleans," representing the Ravens journey to this season's Super Bowl destination.

Both shirts tell a story, Noto said. For the Orioles shirt, he said it was 14 years of disappointment, plus the hope that Manager Buck Showalter would lead the Orioles out of the wilderness of losing.

There has always been hope in the Ravens, Noto said, but the idea started after a dropped pass and missed field goal ended the team's shot at the Super Bowl last year.

"The fans have had to live with that moment the entire off-season," he added.

With that in mind, Noto said they started to brainstorming for words and found "retribution." It fit because this season is the Ravens' chance to "right the wrong," he added.

The trio have just started to roll the shirts out and comedian Noto had the shirt at one of his comedy shows last weekend. People are excited for it, he said, including people who don't like football but watched the video online.

"The fans that have seen it have really liked it and they seem to be excited to buy it," Noto added.

For now, any proceeds from the shirts, which are on sale at $14.95, are to offset the cost of production. In the future, Noto said they are working on a Baltimore Christmas shirt for this season and may look into the charity angle for that one.

With the Orioles possibly making a playoff run, Noto added they may bring back the "IN BUCK WE TRUST" shirt.

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