A final 2011 column with salute to Brionna Jones

This column is the final one under my name for 2011. By the time you're reading this, I will be enjoying some year-ending and holiday vacation time. I think we all know, though, vacation is sometimes more busy or difficult than work.

I have a list waiting for me, so these first few days off will be anything but vacation. Still, time off, especially around the holidays, isn't the worst thing.

First, let me apologize on one hand and congratulate with the other, Aberdeen junior Brionna Jones, on scoring her 1,000th career point.

As it turns out, Jones scored the monumental point in the first game this season, but no one with the Eagles program found it necessary to promote it. Not sure why, other than the game was on the road and the Eagles first home game was Thursday night.

It was there last week they honored Jones for her accomplishment. Entering Monday night's game Jones sat at 1,052 for her career. Sometime next season, if all things go well, we might be talking about 2,000 points. That is a possibility and would be plain awesome.

Now, I'm not sure if any other players are on pace to get 1,000 points or something else special, like 100 or more wrestling victories, a coaching milestone, etc.

I am aware of a coaching milestone in the girls basketball ranks, but will point it out when it is about to or happens. Depends on timing folks.

If you haven't figured it out yet, this column was written on Monday, hours after the Ravens lopsided loss in San Diego and hours before the Steelers game in San Francisco. With knowing the outcome of one and not the other as of typing, it just further proves the craziness of the NFL.

The fact is, both the Ravens and Steelers made the playoffs Sunday with neither winning to do so. One of them is going to win the division and the other a wild card, so the possibility looms of another Ravens-Steelers game in this nutty season.

On another note, I think most of us can agree, it was nice to see the Packers lose and the Colts win. The Packers and their fans were brought back to reality, while no team wants to play a season winless. That goes for any level of play, even if it is the Colts.

Back to girls basketball. Havre de Grace was the only team left in the county without a win, as it headed into Monday night's contest with Patterson Mill. The Warriors have already been part of winless field hockey and girls volleyball seasons in the fall. Hopefully the Warriors will pick up a win or two somewhere along the way.

Hopefully all of our teams, regardless of sport, will win their share.

So, until 2012, I wish each of you a safe and merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.

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