Kids shouldn't suffer for the actions of a few adults

Last week, a story came across my desk about the Bel Air Terps 12U Red football team and the issues surrounding it caused by ugly behavior by a few adults.

Not surprisingly, the story has drawn much interest and plenty of views on our website,, and it's also had a number of comments. Due to the subject matter, that doesn't surprise me either, but the opinion of a few did surprise me a bit.

If you missed it, the story is quite simple, yet tragic.

At a scrimmage, yes, a scrimmage, two adults became engaged in a physical altercation, which led to a meeting a few days later to address the problem. It was at that meeting that some other adults became a bit angry when they learned of the possibility of a canceled season.

Based on the fight and the latter actions of some parents that were labeled "hostile," the Terps 2011 season was canceled.

Now, back to the reactions.

Some have written that they are in full agreement with the decision rendered down by the Bel Air Recreation and Terps football boards of a suspended season. I can't fully agree.

I've coached a lot of teams over the last 20-plus years, both adult and kids, and have never had the problem of adults fighting. Especially from the same team. I can't recall players ever fighting each other either, which is a different case altogether.

I have never been of the opinion that all suffer because of a few. Well, maybe if you take sprints at rec soccer practice into account, I may be a little guilty.

In this case though, I just can't agree.

By all accounts, none of the players had anything to do with the fight that started the ball rolling downhill. Subsequently, other adults who showed for the meeting became irritated, angry, loud? I actually understand their frustration and as we all know, not everyone is going to handle the issue the same way.

The kids are being punished for ridiculous actions by some adults. All the kids, because of a few adults.

I believe the kids of the parents involved in the fight should have been suspended as well as any adults related to them and the team. That would have surely gotten the attention of some.

The decision left a number of young boys in a state of confusion. What did they do wrong? All they wanted to do is play football.

What they got was to scramble with no certain future. How pathetic. All responsible should be embarrassed and never allowed to be involved in a rec program of any type.

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