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Commentary: A new academic year, a new athletic year

Well, the schools are open, kids are back in them and the athletic contests are about to begin.

When they do, there's that large number who won't be playing locally as they graduated onto college and for the most part, are already housed in and attending classes. There's a few who come to mind, if for no other reason than the weather.

First though, my own daughter, who had spent the past 10 or so years playing soccer in the fall, checked into Slippery Rock University last week, without the need for soccer cleats. That doesn't bother her or me, I'm sure.

The process was a pretty smooth one, until we ran into that snag. There are two Kelsey M. McRoberts attending The Rock. I'll say it again, there are two, and yes my first reaction was and still is, are you kidding me?

I think things are worked out, but for a short while, there were a few problems.

Anyway, apparently they have met and I have to believe that's a bit weird.

Now, I'm sure there are more, but two college freshmen who stick out in my mind are attending schools in Florida. That's Tony Cofrancesco at University of Florida and Rachael Holehouse at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Assuming like most freshmen, that they are there by now, Tropical Storm Isaac delivered an overwhelming welcome.

Not that Gainesville or West Palm Beach took the brunt of the storm, but I think our weather the past few days has been just a bit better.

Regardless of where any of our departed seniors have gone, let's hope they and all our college students have a safe year of school.

Now, onto our current high school athletes who are about to get things going this weekend. Yes, Friday is the start of many games for our public and private school athletes. Golfers have already tasted the live, non-scrimmage action, while all others will do the same Friday.

Nine football games will headline the start of the fall season, with seven gracing the fields on Friday and two more finding the field on Saturday. Hey, if football is not your thing, there's plenty of other activity to be seen.

There's boys and girls soccer scheduled for Friday, as well as a whole slate of field hockey. Want to be indoors? There's a couple girls volleyball matches set for Friday. Boys volleyball won't begin until early next week. There is also cross-country making its season debut Friday at C. Milton Wright for the Mustang Invitational.

Now, if you just can't get out and see any of the action live, here's the best place to see the results with photos from time-to-time the day the games are played: on the computer at http://www.exploreharford.com.

OK, wishing all teams, athletes and coaches a good season. Good luck to all.

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