It's hot and sticky, but good golf is at MGCC

I know it's hot, sticky and pretty unbearable outside, but if you can get out without risking health issues, head over to Maryland Golf and Country Clubs today (Wednesday) to see some good golf played by professionals and amateurs alike.

Now, depending when you see or read this, it may be too late, but if you're really interested, I believe it's worth the time.

I had the pleasure of walking nine holes Monday morning, eight of which with the group I was looking for. The three-professional grouping had David Hutsell in it and it's been a few years since I had the chance to walk along with Hutsell.

I've talked to him a few times over recent years for some high and low moments. Monday's stroll was high and low on the back nine at MGCC, but I'm talking about the hilliness of the golf course. May I add that the course, given the recent dry conditions, was in great shape to be hosting such a special event.

Hutsell and fellow pros, Charles Briggs and Tim Ruddo, were so far ahead of the next group, a ranger would have been having a headache had it been public playing.

I actually caught up with Hutsell on hole 11, as the three were hitting second shots to the green. As they finished the hole, I reached the group.

It wasn't until hole 14 before I saw some magic off the putter of Hutsell. Hutsell made a 30-footer, bending a little from right to left.

There were a few other putts, of much shorter range, that just didn't have the same result. They set up easy pars, but that's not what Hutsell or any others are hunting for this week.

Turns out, Hutsell hit 16 of 18 greens on the day, a solid number. His other birdies were a six-footer on the 180-yard, par-3 third hole and he says he two-putted from 40 feet after reaching the 546-yard, par-5 fourth hole in two shots.

Too bad I wasn't there to see that. I'm sure it was awesome.

I definitely plan to see some of the action today, I just don't know how much. My other career, coaching Little League softball, is still like the weather, hot and sticky.

We're a little behind the eight ball, but we're still alive to fight another day and that's what I expect from this group, who call themselves HdG Spice Girls.

If you didn't see the U.S. Women's World Cup victory over Brazil on Sunday, then you need to find a replay and watch it. I'm not sure I've seen another or better example that displays the will to win without an ounce or hint of quit. The announcers used one of my favorite words, "Unbelievable!"

Simply, it was.

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