A few thoughts on the IronBirds and Orioles

This is one of those Tuesdays that I find myself sitting here wondering what I'm supposed to write in the space that you are reading. Sometimes, it's easier said than done and it appears that this is the case for this week.

That said, there's plenty going on around here, just not something that's grabbing my eye.

It is nice though to see the IronBirds get back in the win column after a string of nine straight losses. For many, the season certainly looked promising when the IronBirds won the season opener at home on June 17. Who could have imagined that it would be 10 days later and 10 games later before the 'Birds got win number two? Not me.

In that losing streak, the IronBirds were victims of some last or extra inning losses which sting anytime, not just as part of a losing streak. In the streak though they had to sting a little more.

I have to believe that winning Monday night in late-inning, comeback fashion, had to feel good and ease that previous sting just a bit. Who knows? Maybe the 'Birds will go on a nine-game win streak and get themselves back in contention for something they have never experienced; a playoff spot.

The season is still pretty young, so let's not count the boys out just yet.

My wife, children and I traveled to Baltimore on Friday to take in the Cincinnati Reds at Orioles interleague game. Being an interleague game was a bonus for me as it is nice to see a team and players that you don't get to see on a yearly basis.

Throw in post-game fireworks and how could it get any better? Well, a walk off home run by Derrek Lee was an added bonus. Whether an Orioles fan or not, it's nice to see the home team win when you're in attendance. If nothing else, it makes the walk back to the car a bit more pleasant.

As of now, there are no more Orioles games on my slate. Two in a season is already more than I've been to in many, many years.

When the schedule did not include the number of interleague games we see today, or none at all, I found myself in Memorial Stadium a few more times a year to see my favorite George Brett live and in person. Great seats just a row or two off the field near first base put me in an almost too unbelievable seat.

Those were the days when I really enjoyed going to the ball park, but it's just not the same these days. I don't have a true favorite player in the league. I will say that's it's a pleasure to see Vladimir Guerrero play. For many, all they see is a slower, older player who gets a hit from time-to-time.

I see one of the game's best players from days gone by. Guerrero was a five tool talent who played in a tough place for a not so good team, the Montreal Expos. Of course, the Expos are now the team right down the road in D.C., the Washington Nationals.

Speaking of the Nationals, what a great move in hiring Davey Johnson as manager. Reasons for Johnson's leaving as O's manager are just some of the reasons I choose not to root for the Orioles. On the day he resigned, he was named American League Manager of the Year.

If I ever get to the stadium to see a Nationals-Orioles game, I now have a real reason to root for the Nationals.

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