Shock in Boston, but we have to go on [Commentary]

You know, why should any of us be truly shocked at the events that unfolded in Boston on Monday?

I agree, it seems unimaginable, but evil people are everywhere and there's no way to know who they are and what they are up to until the unfortunate happens. It takes time, but in time, justice usually prevails, and I believe it will again this time.

Here at home, we march on with the rigors of work, school and play. It has to go on and we have to go on.

So on we will go.

The boys and girls lacrosse seasons are quickly moving toward the playoffs, but there's plenty of good action left right here in our UCBAC divisions.

The first of what I'd say are the big matches came Friday in Pylesville with North Harford and Fallston tangling in a Chesapeake (upper) Division contest.

I believe there was some surprise in the outcome, an 18-9 North Harford win, but for me, only in the scoring gap.

The Hawks flexed a bit and should feel really good about the win. There's more trouble on the horizon, however. Bel Air is still unbeaten, C. Milton Wright lost to Fallston and Patterson Mill, while at 0-2, is still Patterson Mill.

Starting today (Wednesday) North Harford still has to deal with all three and do so on the road, two of the three. The journey will begin at Patterson Mill tonight. Honestly, Patterson Mill may be the weakest of the three this year, but as they say, any given day.

As it stands right now, the big game is set for May 1, when the Hawks will make the trip to Bel Air. Two nights later, CMW will visit North Harford in the final regular season games for both. That same night, Bel Air and Fallston will also be matched up. You heard it here first, we may end up with three one-loss teams with each having beat the other. That will be fun to figure out.

Currently, Joppatowne is leading the Susquehanna (lower) standings, but I believe another week will make things a bit more solid and clear.

The Chesapeake Division for girls is also a likely battle of three with CMW, North Harford and Patterson Mill each entering the week with a win and no losses. CMW is clearly the strongest of the three, but games still have to be played.

The Susquehanna Division also has a battle with Edgewood, Harford Tech and Perryville all unbeaten entering the week. Tech won the division a year ago and may be primed to do so again. Stand by.

Here's another note for any of you who consider yourselves bird watchers. I stumbled across this a few months ago and it can make a so-so day a little bit better.

In your computer browser, type in this:

These cams are set up in Ithaca, N.Y., with two nests. One of red tail hawks with eggs and the other of great blue herons and eggs. Quite interesting, trust me.

There used to be another cam of a bird feeder in the far north of Canada, but has since been shut down. If you like to view birds, check out the site. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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