Commentary: Marching into a new season with a spring in my step

So, here it is, March 21, the first official day for the start of the high school spring sports season as we know it.

I'm pretty sure, if there was ever a year for teams to be ready for opening day, it has to be this one. Mother Nature has been very, very good to us this late winter season and we all know that is not a guarantee in this part of the world.

From day one or so, which was March 1, athletic teams of all types have been able to get outside and work out on dry playing fields. Those fields, in some cases, might be hard due to the lack of winter snow and rain, but definitely not any harder than those gym floors in each of our local schools.

Look, there have been years in the past when baseball and, or softball teams were lucky to see a day or two on a diamond prior to playing in a scrimmage. In even more rare and worse cases, some teams have had to take the field on opening day without any scrimmage and very few days on the playing field.

I'm extremely happy to say, that is not a problem this year. Good luck to all for a good, clean start.

While the spring-like weather has been thriving though, my golf game has not. In years past, I may have played nearly half a dozen times by now, but so far this year, just once. There are a number of reasons why, with none more important than the other. No big deal.

What the weather has done is this. It's allowed me the opportunity to walk on an almost daily basis. For me it's not about weight loss, but rather the exercise to assist in the battle of cholesterol and triglycerides. All those years of drinking Mountain Dew and eating sugar-filled snacks have taken their toll. Those days, however, are over.

Turning to March Madness. Is it me or does something seem just not right about this tournament? I think it's the weather.

With the unseasonable temperatures we've enjoyed, who wants to be stuck inside watching basketball or anything else for that matter?

Honestly, I've seen a few games or should I say parts of games, and most have come at night when things have settled down and there's nothing better to do.

As for my picks, they are like most, hanging on. I lost Missouri from my Final Four, but my championship contest is still on par with Kentucky to face Ohio State for all the marbles. When I saw my final teams were the same as President Obama, I figured I was in trouble. He, however, has North Carolina winning it all, while I have Kentucky. Should be interesting.

Baseball is right around the corner, hopefully this weather I've been raving about will hold true. Get out and enjoy some of it while you can.

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