A big weekend for Harford swimmers, wrestlers [Commentary]

It was another big weekend for a number of county athletes, with most of the focus pointing toward the wrestling mats and swimming pools.

Congratulations go out to Fallston wrestlers Garrett Coburn and CJ Austin as well as C. Milton Wright wrestler Ben Swanson. All three claimed region championships Saturday and each will compete for the coveted state crown this weekend in College Park.

Speaking of state crowns, that's what a handful of county swimmers accomplished in College Park. CMW freshman Megan Cowan was a triple state champ and set a new county record in the process. CMW teammate Lauren O'Mara was a double winner and she also set a new county mark. Cowan and O'Mara also joined with Julia O'Mara and Erika Abshire to win a state relay title, also setting a new county mark in the process.

Fallston also got in the state title hunt with Austin Appel and Madison Brown each winning an event. My congrats to each on a great job.

What really caught my attention when I saw the swim results was the team standings in which CMW finished second. My co-worker and swim reporter Dewey Fox thought the Mustangs might win the team title. As we found out, this wasn't the case. Why the shock?

The Mustangs lost to a team from Poolesville. Are you serious? Poolesville? Why would any of us think any of our teams could beat Poolesville? Come on people, it's POOLesville. What better name for a swim champion?

Poolesville: do any of you even know where it is? Do any of you know they were once the proud Poolesville Indians, who made the switch to Falcons some years ago after pressures related to the Indian history itself?

Havre de Grace was under the microscope during that same time in the early years of this century because of the Warriors and its Indian likeness. North East too, and they are still the Indians.

Recently, I was talking with a Washington Redskins fan, who made mention of the Redskins and hoping that they will not change their name. I also heard on the radio that the Atlanta Braves were changing their main logo to an A and doing away with the Indian artworks previously used.

Suppose the pressure gets too great and Washington really does change its name. What could it be? The Capitals are gone and Nationals, too. If Washington's baseball team was made up like some others, they could have been the Internationals. The Washington Bullets were changed to the Wizards. Really?

I know its a real touchy area, but I say leave it alone. When I first started watching NASCAR, it was the Winston Cup Series and Busch Series. Pressures to rid the sport of the tobacco names worked and the series has been a couple of other names over the past 10 to 15 years. Never did I want to smoke a Winston or drink a Busch Beer, but the sponsors and names had to change.

I don't know what the right answer is, but if any teams, high school, college or pros, that bear an Indian reference need or have to change, let's keep the animals out of it. It may lead to extinction.

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