Commentary: Bowl prediction a bit off, but no shame here

OK, so my Super Bowl prediction was just a bit off, much to the delight of all Baltimore Ravens fans. Some friends and some not.

I had the San Francisco 49ers to win, 24-20, but that's not how the game finished up, did it? No shame here. I made a pick and stuck with it, more than I can say for some.

In the pick I said, if Joe Flacco continued his recent playoff play, watch out 49ers. I added, if the Smiths were able to own the Ravens backfield, look out Ravens. Well, Flacco stepped up and the Smiths were lost, with no sacks between them. Flacco is the MVP, go figure.

Speaking of MVP. There was some talk about Jacoby Jones getting the MVP. Hey, Flacco deserved it, but if you want a Ravens MVP for the season, Jones is easily the choice.

I also said up front, but not in print, that I was not planning to watch the game. My wife and I treated my mom to birthday dinner and we had decided more than a week earlier that we were renting a movie instead. We did and we enjoyed it.

Now, I do have to say that I did see the final minute and 40-some seconds. I was keeping a score update on my phone and when I saw the score and where the ball was on the field, I figured I'd spend my last few minutes awake, seeing the outcome.

Actually, I was awake for a few more minutes than that, listening to the fireworks that were popping and whistling from houses nearby.

I offer my congratulations to all who support, root and wear the purple. The Super Bowl, whether any of us like it or not, is a special game and to win it is special. I am happy for those who can celebrate this win.

Let's think about it. The last time the Ravens were in the Super Bowl was 2001 and they won it, quite easily I might add.

That was 12 years ago. Where were you 12 years ago? Some of your kids weren't even born yet. Maybe some were a result? Who knows. My daughter was 6 and my stepdaughter just 3. Wow, that was a long time ago wasn't it?

So, nobody knows when this opportunity might come again. What if it's another 12 years? Seriously, what if it is 12 years? Some of us won't be on this earth any longer. Some of you may add another Ravens fan to the family.

Some of us might be living in South Carolina by then. I'll sign up for that and drive the truck.

I do have a couple questions to ask, though. First, for the diehard Ravens fans out there. Did you really think the Ravens were going to reach and win the Super Bowl during their struggles in weeks 13, 14 and 15? Be honest. I doubt many of you can answer that with yes.

Here's my other question and this is for the pure football fan, regardless of which team you root for.

The 49ers last play, the incomplete pass that settled the outcome. Do you think pass interference should have been called? Whether you think so or not, here's the second part of the question. Do you think it would have been flagged as pass interference if the same play had unfolded in the first quarter?

The refs don't want to determine the outcome by making a last minute call, but I guess they don't realize that by not making call, that does the same thing.

As my co-worker and Ravens fan Matt Button says, it's all good.

Again, congrats Ravens fans. Enjoy while you can. Training camp will be here before we know it.

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