Harford first responders to get new data management system

Harford County emergency officials are getting a new records management system, called the RMS system, that will allow much more detailed tracking of incidents and responses, according to a presentation made to the county's Public Safety Commission Tuesday.

"This is probably the largest project as a whole that the fire service has done," Josh Schueler, technology and RMS project consultant for the county, explained during the commission's monthly meeting in Forest Hill.

"It's almost near impossible to get data quickly" under the county's current set up, he added.

The new system will allow first responders to run not just companywide but countywide data.

"It gives us one central system for everything from personnel to training," Schueler said. "We're going to be able to get a lot more data a lot more easier than we could before."

RMS replaces the existing LOSAP data tracking system, and will track all aspects of volunteer fire and EMS service, Hazmat and Emergency Operations Center dispatcher training records.

The system is expected to go live in phases, with the first deployment on Nov. 1.

Bel Air Fire Chief Eddie Hopkins asked who owns the database system and who will be responsible for maintaining it, which became a point of discussion that was never fully answered Tuesday.

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