Musings on the state of Harford


Do rocket bikes and massive amounts of traffic result in wrecks and death? Combine speed and inattention and booze, boredom, fatigue or a cell phone head and the result is often a wreck?

Has Harford County become a wreck? Harford was once a rural, slow-paced, friendly, Democratic county. Harford has now become a place of massive projects of individual homes, condos, townhouses and apartments for overnight sleepovers. Harford is not a Republican county in a Democratic state. Political parties are described as Democratic party, a party of no ideas; Republican party, a party of dumb ideas; Tea party, a party of bitter ideas.

Recent politics and school board decisions in Harford County are beyond common sense. The county executive and county council president and two councilmembers should examine their next property assessments after their recent decision.

The school board hired an out of county superintendent who pays no county tax and has limited interest in the county? Two in-county principals were recently fired because of some students and parents who have limited interest in education. Are principals responsible for dumb parents and children? Does the Bible state "Train up a child etc." Can a principal train up a child if the parent neglects the child?

I live next to a county road. Years ago this was a county road that John Denver would have been proud to write about. It is now a cut through road for a nearby massive housing project. Wild-eyed cell phone head drivers and school buses and other traffic go flying on this road. I constantly pick up trash that some selfish, lazy, driver throws out. Coffee cups, fast food containers, beer cans and bottles, cigarette butts - it takes twelve years for a cigarette butt to disintegrate - and other litter spoil the road side. Harford County has seven people assigned for litter control, however, they have 700 miles of road to service.

If Harford is a wreck who can change it? I have lost hope in politicians, I have lost hope in the school board and superintendent. If people cause the problems people can solve the problems?

People who litter, people who blame others, people who cause problems are people who have lost their self-respect? The Bible tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. God is described as love. People can learn to love themselves and gain respect for themselves and others. People who love themselves and God won't hurt others? Litter is hurtful!

As you see me, an old man walking along the road side with a plastic bag and a grab stick picking up trash, don't stop and thank me but grab a couple of plastic bags and a grab stick and come help solve the problems.

People can!

Curtis Pace


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