Alas, reports of deer kills from a few friends

At least some deer hunters are having success. I received phone calls from John Baker, of Street, who has taken two does and a nice buck. Woody Ulmer, of Jarrettsville, got a nine-point buck that weighed over 200 pounds. I hope others have been as lucky.

This may sound a bit like a history lesson and it is. After World War II the Japanese leaders were asked why they didn't invade California. The answer was the same from all. "We were informed of all the gun owners and hunters in America. We were told that every home had weapons and those who knew how to use them." When you consider all the hunters and sport shooters in America, it is the largest army in the world.

For instance, 750,000 hunters in Pennsylvania, 700,000 in Michigan, 600,000 in Wisconsin and a quarter of a million in West Virginia and that is only four states. This doesn't include the target shooters.

This is enough to prevent any foreign power to attempt to take us over. This is the reason why all our enemies want to see us disarmed. Remember we, the people, can control the gun-control people when we go to the poles to vote.

I wasn't going to respond to the person who stated that hunting should not be fun. Well for 62 years (I started at 12 years old) I have hunted all types of game animals. Stomping through sharp green briers, up hill and down for rabbits. Sitting in a stand in rain, snow and cold and wind hunting deer and bear was fun. Yes, the kill was also fun but we still had respect for the animals.

All meat was used and is much better for you than any other kind of meat.

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