Outdoors: Hunting, fishing are both hot with clear weather

The deer season is in full swing, the weather is improving and butcher shops are busy. Deer are on the move, mostly late evening or early morning. The hunters I talked to told me the early scouting for stand placement is really paying off.

One lucky hunter was Richard Tarbert, who took a nice buck.

Richard's dad is an old hunting buddy of mine. We hunted rabbits and squirrel together for many years. Ron Tarbert (Richard's dad) and I always had little bets on whose hound was doing the best job.

For me and Ron, the sweet sounds of the running hounds were more fun than killing the rabbit.

Of course this was before we had the numbers of deer we now have. Soon the big game animals were everyone's main quest. You do get much more meat when you score when hunting deer.

My granddaughter, while hunting with her other grand-pop, saw deer but none gave a good shot. She said one was out of range and the other went by them running. I am glad she was smart enough to hold back on the shot for the season is just starting.

I know that everyone is wrapped up in deer hunting but anglers, there are some great spots that can be fished. Deer Creek trout and smallmouth bass are a good bet. The big white suckers and fallfish can give you some hot action.

Big catfish in the Susquehanna are giving some anglers a lot of fun. Add a fat tasty walleye to your stinger or maybe a few bluegills.

Action for everyone, so get out and enjoy the period of clear weather.

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