Outdoors: Opening day of gun season not always hard on deer

I guess we should be getting used to crazy weather on opening days of hunting season. As one old hunting buddy stated "you need a log tied to your leg to keep the wind from blowing you away." Several hunters, after seeing other trees blowing over, took it as a warning and went home.

On checking several butcher shops, they all said they had many less than last year. Opening Day in Pennsylvania was one of the worst local hunters could remember. My granddaughter, Summer Putnam, was on her first hunt and she saw deer. Her shot was low but said she would do better next time.

I am sure things will improve before the season ends. The rut is going strong which will keep the bucks on the move. Drivers at night are finding this the painful way to take a deer. These accidents cause bodily injuries and really put the car in for several dollars of repair work.

Driving slower with high beams as much as you can is your best defense. If one or two deer cross in front of you, come almost to a stop as there are usually more coming. As I stated before the rut is still on and the deer seem to have a one track mind.

Well, the season has just started and we hope each of you have a great hunt.

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