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Outdoors: Enjoy the hunt, nature whether a kill is recorded or not

Each year as deer season is about to open, I, like many other hunters, re-live seasons past. There were seasons with successful kills and those without. The main thing was that I was outdoors enjoying the fall season.

To some, the season is not successful or enjoyable unless there was an animal taken. I found it pleasurable just to see wildlife in its natural surroundings. There were always some squirrels busy collecting stockpiles of food for the long winter months.

Song birds of many types were feeding on the seeds. I will never forget the flock of bluebirds that surrounded my stand for about an hour during one hunt. Usually, a nearby hawk was watching for that one bird to become so involved in feeding that he or she made an easy target.

To make a long story short, the wild animals were working to survive, some off the crops and woodlands while others hoped to feed on them. Yes, nature is beautiful, but in ways to some may seem nasty.

To sit and day dream about passed hunts is fun, but even more so with a couple hunting buddies. When two or more hunters get together the stories of the others misses and failures seem to become the topic. Stories about deer that spooked just before they got into range or those that were able to slip behind you without you seeing them.

Of course there is always that time when something spooked the deer just as you were taking your shot. Add in all the other reasons we can up with for a miss and it would fill a book. The main thing that is important is, was the trip fun? The answer to that question is a simple yes.

So as you start out this rifle season I wish each of you good luck. Enjoy the hunt and nature; the kill is an added bonus.

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