Outdoors: Deer firearms season is getting close, be safe

In just a few short weeks, the firearms season for deer will open. I know everyone has checked their guns and gear. After the storm this past week we need to check our hunting locations.

Most important are the tree stands built into trees. The wind moving the tree can and does pull nails loose, making the stands weak. This is even more important with stands that are built in the forks of trees where more than one limb is involved.

We all complain about so much land closed to hunting. We ask the Department of Natural Resources to do something to get more land open. We the hunters have the biggest responsibility by our conduct while in the field. It only takes one hunter seen doing something wrong to put all of us in a bad light with landowners.

If you are injured on private property, even though written permission ensures that the landowner can not be held responsible, they may close their land. This, all because we were too lazy to check out our stands or areas we intend to hunt.

Many hunters only hunt during the early hours of a day or late afternoon. The most successful hunters go out for the day. Many of the biggest bucks taken each year are shot between 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Remember, when the rut season is in bucks are seeking does all day and night. Also when the hunters leave for lunch or any early reason they get the deer moving.

Remember to make sure of your target before you touch the trigger. Let's make this the safest hunting season ever.

The streams will be muddy for a while but when they clear, trout and smallmouth bass fishing should be good. In the Susquehanna the big catfish like muddy water and will hit most any stinking bait.

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