Outdoors: Follow guidelines, more space may open up for hunting

For many years I have had the pleasure to hunt and fish in many places in this grand old country and Canada. I have seen many changes over that period of time, some good and others not so good.

When I was younger there were many places to hunt. All you had to do was ask permission of the property owner and follow any restrictions they may have. I remember one hunt where the land owner requested that we not shoot any fox. One of the hunters couldn't resist a shot when a fox jumped from cover. Needless to say we were not allowed to hunt there any more.

It was stupid things like the above that caused many farmers to close their lands to hunting. Then we had many farms sold and become housing developments. Then some wise hunters came up with the idea of leasing the land. It was still hunted, but only by those involved in the lease.

With many complaints about hunters trespassing without permission, the written permission law came to be.

This had its good points as the landowner was not responsible for any accident caused by a hunter. In turn the hunter is required to make good any damage to property or farm animals caused by them.

The introduction of the Hunter Safety Course was an improvement to safety. Some of the old timers found out that they couldn't hunt in other states unless they had completed the course. I sat in on several courses and was surprised that the youngsters got more answers correct than the old-time hunters. Yes I have taken the course.

There have been many other changes such as those who are anti-hunting folks. Thankfully most states have a right-to-hunt law. There have been many more changes, some caused by man and others by nature, but we will tackle them another time.

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