Outdoors: The joy of seeing a loved one becoming a hunter

A few weeks ago I wrote about my granddaughter Summer Putnam completing her hunter safety course. As an award for getting a perfect score on her test, her other grandfather gave her a new 243 rifle. She is all set for deer season.

Squirrel season came in much earlier in Pennsylvania and her grandfather, Russ Eaton, who lives in Pa., took her on her first hunt. This required the use of a shotgun, and she had her father's 20 gauge bolt action.

Later in the day I received a phone call from Summer informing me she had shot two squirrels. From the sound of her voice, it was clear a new hunter was with us. She said the only part that was icky was skinning and dressing the animals; however, she stayed with her "Paw-paw" until the operation was completed.

Summer's daddy, and my son, was taken from us in motorcycle accident in 2001. This young lady was only three and a half months old at the time.

As this young lady steps into the world of a hunter, I hope her success will convince others to get involved. Hunting is natural and man has been a hunter from the beginning. The meat of a deer or other wild animal is far better for you than any bought in a store.

Well, the hunting seasons are just getting under way, get out and enjoy them.

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