Outdoors: Rain shouldn't stop fishing

As I sit writing this and listening to the pouring rain, it brought back memories of youthful times gone by. When I first got out of school I was working for a local painter by the name of Harry Amos. Harry loved to fish and looked for any excuse to enjoy this sport.

Rainy days would stop an exterior paint job, but not fishing. We headed for the Susquehanna River and using a canvas drop cloth, we constructed a lean-to tent between two trees.

Armed with our always ready fishing gear, we'd buy nightcrawlers and/or minnows. We both used two rods, one rigged for bottom fishing and one shallow rig under a float. We cast out, then sit back under our makeshift tent and waited for a fish to bite.

Sometimes we caught many perch and catfish and other times things were slow. It really didn't matter though, for I was learning from one who was an expert in my mind. Harry taught me about stream fishing with live bait. He loved the grasshopper season when the fish would feast on these insects.

I learned about presentation of baits and the way to spot hot spots. What baits worked best in a given time and place. Harry didn't worry about time of day or the weather, he felt the fish would eat if they were hungry. In other words, his idea of when to go fishing was whenever you had time to go.

I know we are getting into hunting season, but don't put away your fishing gear yet.

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