Fishing the Susquehanna without a boat? Easy to do

I have been asked many times, how can I fish the Susquehanna River without a boat? That's an easy question to answer. From Conowingo Dam to the mouth of the river, there are many spots you can fish from shore.

On the Harford County side alone, some of the hot spots are just below the dam, both north and south of the mouth of Deer Creek and all through the state park. A popular spot is off the rocky bank at Lapidum Landing.

From these locations you can catch a variety of fish.

White perch, bass, rockfish and catfish are the ones mostly seen. In addition, walleye, crappie, sunfish and yellow perch show up on angler's stringers.

Some of these fish can be large, so the recommended tackle would be medium/heavy to heavy rods. A reel with a good smooth drag system loaded with 12 to 20-pound test line. The amount of weight will be determined by the water flow.

Because of the many rocks and snags in the water, you may find yourself hung up on the bottom often. To prevent losing my entire terminal rig, I use a 3-way swivel and a dropper line of light weight to tie on the sinker. This way, the only thing you lose is the weight.

On the other loop of the swivel, tie a 3 to 5-foot leader and attach the hook to the end. I like to have a leader of slightly heavier line, this works as shock tippet.

The best baits are shiners, small perch, night crawlers and shrimp. Any of these will produce strikes with this bottom rig.

Another method is to use a large float and a live shiner or perch. This is a great rig for both rockfish and big catfish.

Many anglers take some nice rockfish from the shore line of the Susquehanna, you should give it a try.

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