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Outdoors: This Labor Day Weekend, be respectful of and on the water

Most everyone looks forward to long weekend holidays. As usual our many waterways will be enjoyed by boaters of all types. This Labor Day we may have a wet one but let us hope for the best.

There will be fishermen trolling at slow speeds or bottom fishing from an anchored boat. Please show them respect by slowing down when passing. If they are trolling, don't cut across their lines. Fishermen should also not anchor in the areas used by those who just love to ride and enjoy the water.

There is enough water for all to enjoy. From the Susquehanna to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay that's a lot of water. The Susquehanna above Port Deposit is not water for larger craft. The large rocks just below the surface in any stage of the water can easily cause an accident.

On the other hand, using a small rowboat-size craft in open waters below the flats is not recommended. If fishing these small crafts, you should stay close to shore. On holiday weekends there will be many larger boats making wakes that could easily cause a small craft to capsize.

Fun can be had by all with the use of a little common respect for others. Please be careful with the use of spirits. A drunken boat driver is every bit as dangerous as a drunken highway driver.

There is the possibility of heavy weather this coming weekend so please be careful. Heavy rain makes it hard to see and high winds can cause high waves. Once again this is no place for a small boat.

Have fun, boat safely and enjoy the Labor Day Weekend.

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