Outdoors: Take advantage of weather, get a line in the water

I don't dare remark about the weather and how good fishing is at present. Every time I do, the weather changes to something different. I still think, however it is a good time to get out and wet a line. It is a good idea to check some of the streams yellow perch spawn in to see if the run has started.

My favorite bait is a small shad dart with a small minnow lip hooked. This bait has worked well for me over the years. You may also try small spinners, spoons or just minnows – they all work.

I like an ultra-lite rod and four-pound line. Cast across the current and let the bait swing straight down stream. When using artificial baits I then slowly retrieve them with a jerky motion. When using live bait (minnows) let them lay near the bottom. It doesn't hurt to slightly jig the baits once in a while.

Of course with live bait you may need to add weight to the line. Start with one BB size split shot and add others if necessary. I prefer hook sizes of 8 to 6 and circle hooks are a good bet. With the circle hook you will be sure of a lip hook and an easy release.

Some of the best places to check would be the Gunpowder River at the mouth, Deer Creek also near the mouth and Bush River. There are many other small streams that these fish spawn in so spend the time to find your own honey hole.

Remember to get your 2012 fishing license and the new rule book. This booklet will have all rules and regulations on sizes and limits. Have fun, fish safe and release any fish you don't plan on eating.

Don' forget the big gun show this weekend at the Bel Air Armory.

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