Outdoors: Firearms season open again this weekend

If you didn't get your deer this year, or would still like to hunt, the firearms season re-opens Jan. 6 and 7. The same rules and regulations are in effect as in the earlier deer regular firearms season.

There are still lots of deer, but most hunters feel the hunting pressure has caused them to become night feeders only. My suggestion is find a good stand and use a grunt call.

This is the time of the year when many outdoor programs are being held. If yours is hunting, shooting or fishing related please let me know. Send your information to hputnam8@zoominternet.net.

It is a new year and I can't help wonder what it holds in store for hunters and gun owners. It is an election year and how you vote will mean how much gun control will be crammed down our necks. It is of most importance that you check out each candidate on where they stand.

One way help insure our rights is to join The National Rifle Association. There are millions of members now, but the more the better.

Even though the weather is still mild, you may wish to go fishing but not until you purchase a 2012 license. I still recommend pond fishing and stream fishing. All of our streams have good numbers of smallmouth bass, which are fun on light spinning tackle or fly rods.

The main major hope of mine is that they do something to clean up the Susquehanna. This is the only way to start a bay clean up. It will take a lot of work, money and the cooperation of several States.

I would like to wish each of you a healthy and happy New Year.

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