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Mariner family responds to complaint about t-shirts [Letter]

In response to the recent letter entitled Response to "Improper English on T-shirts:"

As a parent, current coach and former teacher at Joppatowne High School, I am responding to the letter "improper English." While I appreciate the congratulations to the Joppatowne Basketball team, I am highly offended and angry that the writer scolded Joppatowne High School for "allowing" the kids to think the quote was proper English. Does she know if that's what the kids think? Did she talk to any of the kids to find out the meaning behind the shirt? My guess is no.

The writing on the shirt "started from the bottom now we here" is from a song by Drake with the same name. It has relevance to the team from having an average season in 2012, to making it to the regional championships in 2013. It is indicative of the progress the team has made. It was played before every home game to remind them how far they have come and how far they want to go. I know it was played because I was at every home game and I found out about the meaning before I made a judgment.

Sadly, too many judgments are made without knowing the facts. Finally let me say that the "disgrace" referenced in the letter is not "letting the team put improper English on the shirt," it is the disrespectful, condescending and rude manner the writer insinuated that Joppatowne High School knows nothing. One thing I do know is that the writer should get the facts straight and talk to a teenager. You can learn a lot from them.

Angela Spinner


As a proud student of Joppatowne High School, I am angry that you had the nerve to write what you did without knowing the facts.

The shirt was correct. They are lyrics from the song "Started from the bottom" by Drake. He actually says "Started from the bottom now WE here" in the song. They had those lyrics put on their shirts because it has significance to the team. They STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW THEY'RE HERE in playoffs. It's also the song that is played right before home games start to get them pumped up and ready to play.

Also, I am very angry that you trashed our entire school. We actually do have intelligent people, staff and faculty, and our English teachers are included. We also have honors and AP classes. It was downright unnecessary to call our school a disgrace. I don't care if you have been out of school for a long time; it's a rap song that you obviously don't know. So before you go pointing fingers, get up to date on today's music.

Dacey B. Spinner


Angela and Dacey Spinner are mother and daughter. Dacey is a freshman at Joppatowne High School.

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