Letter: Support for new Bel Air Walmart


I rise in support of Plumtree Walmart. It is a must for the economy in Harford County and specifically Town of Bel Air.

Any time a major business decides to invest substantial amount of capital, resources and manpower in any community, one must ask why and why not. What will I lose and what will I gain?

Yes, we will lose lighter traffic volumes in the 924 corridor but we will gain substantial tax base to improve the traffic situation otherwise affected. Yes we will lose green undeveloped land for the wildlife, but we will reduce unwanted deer interaction with vehicles and people, less mosquito's and reduces crime in unsupervised wooded areas. Lastly, the area in question is surrounded by businesses such as medical facilities, fast food restaurants and car wash gas stations.

So once more I give my full support to the development of the land proposed for this Walmart and specifically to arrival of Plumtree Walmart.

Paul F. Yazdani

Bel Air

Walmart sent cards to people living in the area affected by the proposed new store asking people whether they were for or against the project. Those who responded they favored the store were asked to send email messages in support to The Aegis and county officials. Most of the half dozen received by The Aegis were unsigned, or signed only with a first name. Dr. Yazdani included his full name and contact information and affirms his support for the new store.

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