Letter: A little respect is in order for the president


The coverage by The Aegis of the recent deaths of the brave Sheriff deputies has been moving and inspirational to our entire community. Sheriff Jesse Bane's remarks in today's Aegis certainly were thoughtful, encouraging, respectful, and worthy of a leader of those fallen officers.

You also published a letter from retired Navy CPO Robert Kranz who has been a leader in his career, but what a contrast in his choice of words to make a point—he doesn't agree with the current Commander in Chief. I come from a family where my dad and three uncles served in WWII, two brothers and myself who served during the Viet Nam era, and a son and two nephews who are currently serving this great land we live in, my son as an Air Force flight instructor for the F-15 fighter jets.

One thing I was taught by the military and my dad and uncles was to show respect for the flag and for those who were in charge regardless of their political leanings. CPO Kranz must have missed that phase of training as he despicably castigated the current Commander in Chief. Shame on him.

A wise former Sunday School teacher taught me about the three E's. The words we speak should encourage, edify, and exhort, otherwise they should not be spoken.

James E. Willard


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