Letter: Art is enriching


Art is of the mind and the spirit.

When brought into existence, it can enrich the soul, not just of the artist, but of anyone who comes in contact with it.

As a cultural phenomena, it can be exhibited in many forms; none of which is greater than the other. Art is a vital part in the make up of the human experience, it's necessity cannot be denied.

Creativity must be nurtured in order to achieve its full potential. Just as a successful garden begins with fertile soil, seeds must be planted and patience is required in order to reap the anticipated beauty, enlightenment and magical rewards. One would be remiss to deny that the cultural benefits are well worth the time and effort put forth to enrich the quality of our lives.

Harford County is a wonderful place to live, work and raise our children. I have lived here all of my life.

I urge you to support all cultural ventures in every way you possibly can.

Art is worth it.

Jonathan West

Bel Air

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