Letter: Taken aback by negative comments about Cecil County


I was greatly disappointed to read your article in the Jan. 4 Aegis regarding the marriage of same sex couples. In my opinion, if it's what they want, go for it. Live and let live.

My concern was that you allowed the article to bash and profile the citizens of Cecil County. This man saw a Confederate flag and a person with a Nazi tattoo in our county so the entire county is made up of undesirables. You allowed this man to profile the entire county, of which I am sure that you know many of us.

We are your neighbors and we are not bad people.

I absolutely believe in free speech, but this kind of profiling is very wrong. I wonder how many Confederate flags and Nazi tattoos we would find in Harford County if we cared to look, probably in your very neighborhood.

If I remember correctly, the people of the Confederacy and the Nazi party had nothing to do with the gay and lesbian lifestyle. In my opinion, you, your staff and the couple featured in your article owe the entire county of Cecil a huge apology.

Evelyn Testerman

Perryville, Cecil County

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