Letter: North Harford could use some trails


I read with interest the article in Friday's Aegis that Harford County continues pushing for more hike and bike trails.

Ms. [Janet] Gleisner, from Harford County Planning and Zoning, would like create an environment where people will choose to make walking and bicycle riding a part of every day life. We who live in the northern part of the county agree with her.

The problem we have is there are no trails or even sidewalks to walk or bike on. Those of us who are elderly are told to exercise more. Only where can we?

The Whiteford Community Council found land for the county to build a hike and bike trail parallel to Route165 going four miles south from the Pennsylvania line. Harford County Parks and Recreation had an engineering design made for a new trail six years ago.

This design was presented to the State of Maryland who gave approval for the County to build the trail on their land with no cost to the County for the land. The last the Community Council heard from Parks and Recreation was that Bel Air , Edgewood and Abingdon areas would take presidencies over North Harford area. It would be at least 10 or 12 years before the trail would even be considered.

I guess I won't live long enough to see it. Just how long does the county think the State of Maryland is going to wait for the county to build the trail before they say NO you have had long enough?

Robert K. Taylor Sr.


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