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Sheriff's office doing a good job under Bane [Letter]

I went to the Harford County  Sheriff's Office town hall meeting last Saturday at North Harford High School.

I was disappointed at the low attendance. There were less than 20 people from the North Harford area that bothered to come to the meeting. With this attendance, I have to think that the people of Whiteford, Pylesville and Street do not care about the crime in our area. The community meetings that the Sheriff's Office have are for our benefit and for information about crime throughout the county and in our area.

Did you know that some crimes have gone up in this area, robbery being one of them? I guess if someone breaks into your home or car it is easier just to whine and complain about it than find out what you could possibly have done to prevent it from happening. Harford County has the second lowest crime rate in the State of Maryland thanks to Sheriff Jesse Bane and his office.

If you live in any area of the county, please attend the Sheriffs meetings. The information is very useful and will help prevent crime in your area of the county.

Robert K. Taylor


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