Letter: Remembering the fire at the Havre de Grace horse track


In recent weeks there has been much told the grand happenings The Graw, the race track at Havre de Grace. But there was a non-grand happening at the Havre de Grace race track that most people don't know about that I will try to describe.

One evening during the Fall Racing Season, I heard the fire siren sound off. I immediately looked and saw Bob Pennington with his elite fire crew speeding out Revolution Street. I assumed that the Pink Elephant had caught on fire. But the fire crew did not stop there. So I scanned the area further only to see a mountain of flames spouting from behind and to the right of the Frank Mitchell red barn.

I knew then that the fire must be at the race track. I started to guess what could be on fire there. Was it the fine home of Mr. Ross, the track superintendent? Was it that dainty white Club House building? Was it that large, newly painted, grand stand? Just then a gust of wind came my way. It carried an odor of burning straw and a more sickening of burning equine flesh.

This did signify to me that something in the sickening complex was afire. This sad happening was cause enough, for Mr. Stanley Barrett, one of the privileged persons to view the disaster area to report in The Record newspaper, that there was a fire at the race track which destroyed several stables and destroyed several animals.

Marcus G. Stansbury

Havre de Grace

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