Letter: What did they vote for?


After reading recent letters to the editor from Democrats, including President of the Young Democrats of Harford County Tom Myers, I felt compelled to respond to the Obama rhetoric. Mr. Myers says that "a majority of the country...supports...the policies of President Obama," but that doesn't tell the whole story. The truth is that many are dependent on government benefits. Mr. Obama has done a masterful job of creating that condition through the stimulus, large increases of the number of people on food stamps, nationalized health care, federal funding of abortion and on and on. He has effectively created a coalition of voters wedded to the Democratic Party.

If I am wrong, perhaps Mr. Myers can tell me what they did vote for. Was it the continuing high unemployment rate, higher than when he took office, the President promised to cut in 2008? Was it for increasing deficits he promised to cut, but instead grew? Was it having the Middle East being on the brink of war after he promised to decrease tensions in the region? Was it was because he promised to unite us, but instead divided us on the basis of race, income and religion? Or was it his masterful handling of the Benghazi debacle, where four Americans were killed and we still don't have a straight answer to what occurred? If none of those are the answer, then maybe, just maybe, it was because you can't beat Santa Claus in an election.

What can we look forward to? The President states that he now has a mandate for raising taxes on small businesses and investors, declaring that a "modest tax increase" would not "impinge on business investment." The impact to our struggling economy will be huge. That's the President's answer: enact more taxes against "the rich" by demeaning their success. The problem with that approach was eloquently expressed by Margaret Thatcher! "Eventually run out of other people's money."

The liberal rationale for these policies is that the rich and big business must "pay their fair share." It's always interesting as to who decides what a "fair share" is.

He has borrowed more than all his predecessors combined! And his answer is to spend even more and pay for it by increasing taxes which aren't nearly going to be enough to cover this increasing debt. Anyone with even a modicum of common sense can see that this course cannot be sustained. We need only look to Europe to see that the results are catastrophic for us as a nation and as individuals.

William F. Rixham

Bel Air

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