Pondering the nature of government and taxes in Harford and beyond [Letter]

This I believe. What is your opinion? Am I right or wrong?

Most, if not all political jobs are plums. A former county executive, who is also a retired county employee, and is now a $150,000 a year state appointee, described the Harford County Executive job as "gravy."

Harford's county executive is able to hand out plum jobs to family and friends. In the near future a new Harford County executive, who may be a retiree, will be able to hand out plum jobs to his family and friends. I am retired and would be willing to accept one of the $100,000 plum jobs, but I'm not holding my breath!

An announced candidate for the county executive's job has described the position as being similar to a shepherds job. This is a noble idea, but I'm also aware of the saying "beware wolves in sheep's clothing." I can recall when Harford's government was three county commissioners. I can see no improvement over the three wise men rule.

Today's Harford government is a big business that is funded by taxes paid by the public. A rain tax is included along with a sewage tax. No elected official in Maryland tried to challenge the rain tax or the sewage tax in court.

Billions in federal tax money has been spent building hundred of miles of levies to control flood waters; why is rain water different from flood waters? Churches will be required to pay for rain water. How dumb do our elected official believe we are?

I believe it is not God's will to have politicians ruling over mankind. Men of old insisted on having men appointed as Kings to rule over them and today's governments have evolved. I am aware that Jesus said to obey your government, and yet America was established as the result of revolt against government!

Is it ironic that American has had a Catholic, a Baptist, a Methodist, etc. and an African American for President and has never had a Jewish President?

Millions of Americans are Protestant who worship Jesus and it appears that many forget that Jesus is a Jew? The Jews have suffered the evils of enslavement, and being expelled from country after country. For example when Columbus sailed from Spain in 1492, Spain was expelling the Jews. In spite of these evils, Jews have overcome and have helped to move mankind forward in history.

Tattoos, bicycles, and horse farms abound in Harford and America.

"Moby Dick" had a character who was covered in tattoos. Does the Bible forbid tattoos? Can a tax be devised for tattoos? Tags and insurance and other fees are required to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway. Taxes on gasoline have been increased. If tags and insurance and other fees are required to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway, why are they not required for bicycles that use the public highways?

Curtis Pace


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