'The elephant in the GOP room that nobody wants to discuss' [Letter]

The following letter was sent to Collins Bailey, vice chairman of the Maryland Republican Party; Carol Kiple, president of Harford County Republican Women; delegates Kathy Szeliga, Susan McComas, and Glen Glass; and Patrick McGrady, of the Harford County Central Committee, all of whom were present at a recent Harford County Republican Women's meeting. A copy was provided for publication. 

It was good to see you [recently] at the meeting of the Harford County Republican Women.  It was my first.  Might I add that I was pleased with the genuinely, warm welcome I received as a newcomer. 

I want to thank [Bailey, vice chairman of the Maryland Republican Party] for explaining the vital need for the Maryland GOP and 24 GOP Central Committees to take on the task of explicitly defining what the Republican Party stands for in order to determine the message for voters as we enter the 2014 election cycle.

I call the absence of such definition, "The elephant in the GOP room that nobody wants to discuss." 

In fact, it was that very message I heard Rush Limbaugh say in the fall of 2008 that woke me up: "The Republican Party doesn't know what it stands for!" 

It made such an impact that I pulled my car over and said, "Michele, you are 48 years old and you have to get informed."  I had my rebirth in the United States Constitution and set my moral compass to align with principles set forth in that sacred document that our elected officials swear on the Bible to uphold. 

Thus, I wanted to share with you an afterthought from the meeting.  It struck me how quick we are to label each other:  "Oh, you are Campaign for Liberty."  "Oh, you are Establishment GOP."  "Oh, you are Libertarian."  "Oh, you are Tea Party."  "Oh, you are moderate." 

Rather than immediately labeling one another; and, in order to accomplish the goal to formulate the crucial GOP message, why don't we toss the labels aside and start discussing what it is we stand for and why we differ. 

For example, rather than identify me, "Michele Nicholson, Campaign for Liberty," let's simply discuss that through my research I discovered that I stand for limited government, individual liberty, sound money, free market economy, and a non-interventionist foreign policy – all set forth in the Constitution. 

You suggested Town Hall meetings for this dialogue.  I am more of a one-on-one person; however, I would love to see a series of Town Hall meetings hosted in Harford County. 

The Republican Party in Maryland is losing big time.  We are entrenched in a very leviathan state that, while it may sound good to most, when you pull back the curtain reveals that these things are very bad and will ultimately hurt, in particular, middle class Marylanders, Americans, and beyond.  So much is at stake, and I do not say that casually.

I have been a registered Republican all of my voting life.

I seek knowledge and the truth and deem myself a perpetual student. I make very conservative choices. I understand the GOP is "supposed" to be the more Conservative Party. What are my options since my awakening in 2008 and my rebirth? Am I supposed to abandon the party and  register third party, where nothing gets accomplished and my efforts are futile? What are the options for the GOP? Is it to isolate themselves and ignore those like myself who align with the Constitution?

The Maryland GOP needs to do some soul searching; otherwise, it might as well rename itself Democrat and be content to be a one-party system in this state.

Might I add that along with definition and message goes consequences of thoughts that turn into actions. This is very deep, philosophical, critical thinking that is long overdue in our state and country.  We have fallen far off the path of freedom and liberty – the bedrock of our nation's founding.

Finally, I think you were explaining that once the GOP message is crystallized the Harford County Republican Women might take it upon themselves to create a voter card for registered voters to determine if the 2014 candidates have been walking the absolute walk and will continue to do so once elected or re-elected. As I am sure you know from business experience, a solid track record in sales is very important. Actions speak louder than words. Just as important it is up to the people, like myself, to re prioritize their lives and pay attention to what is going on before we have passed the point of no return. 

My choice is to be on the path to Restore Maryland and America not the path of destruction and transformation into a Maryland and United States we will not recognize five to 10 years from now, even sooner.  Unfortunately, I am a realist and think it might be too late.  We are on a very slippery slope.  However, my faith in God is stronger than ever, and I will not give up.    

Again, Collins Bailey, thank you so much for taking the lead and opening up this important dialogue.

Michele Nicholson

Bel Air

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