Forest Hill backups irritating


I'm so tired of sitting for three or four lights just to get from Colgate Drive in Forest Hill to entrance to the Bel Air by-pass near McDonald's. There are signs that say right lane closed merge left, but no one adheres to it. They will wait to get all the way down to the light at the old C Mart and try and squeeze into the left lane, while those who adhere to getting into the left lane when directed have to sit for light after light. If you don't let them in, they will get right at your bumper so you have no choice; either let them in or you have a fender bender.

Why can't the State Highway Administration place cones right at the beginning of the signage and eliminate cars moving in farther down. Place the cones so they will allow entry into and out of the shopping areas next to the right lane. This will make everyone be treated fairly and have just the left lane of traffic as directed.

I've been late for appointments heading south due to the traffic, which at times is backed up to Colgate Drive in the morning and evening rush times. Route 24 [in Forest Hill] was not built for the amount of traffic it has on it. As usual, the county and state built for the present and not for the future. It will only get worse as we see commercialism encroaching on a once bucolic portion of Harford County.

Lois Raimondi Munchel

Forest Hill

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