No casino windfall for Maryland, or Harford [Letter]


Where is the casino money?

When our illustrious governor lobbied for the casino bill in Maryland, he assured the voters that the schools would receive a large share of the revenue. I knew then, as I am sure of now, that this was a ploy to get his way and money into the richer counties that have supported him.

Harford County Government and Harford County Schools are blaming each other for the deficit that is causing the elimination of school bus stops in some areas.  Meanwhile it is our children and their safety that is at stake while these people twiddle away doing nothing to alleviate the situation. On the same front page you announced that the school buses were being cut, you reported that the Sheriff and County Executive were touring Edgewood to see how to combat the high crime rate. What a dichotomy. Stop blaming. Do something! Get the governor to put his money where his mouth is. 

The television stations are asking for donations of clothing and school supplies for homeless children, our children are forced to walk through dangerous streets with no sidewalks. What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with the governor? What is wrong with this state?

Again, I ask, where is the casino money?

Judith P. Mulcahy


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