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Letter: Bring it: Weekend Saving Time


Regarding the recent Etc. Column by Jim Kennedy on Daylight Saving Time:

I enjoyed your article in the Pp&t section of The Aegis and certainly enjoy the extra hour of evening sunlight during DST.  In fact, I would propose something even better: Weekend Saving Time (WST).

It would be very simple.  Each weekend during the 14 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day we would fall back 24 hours at Saturday midnight.  No action would be required on our part.  When we awakened the next day, it would still be Saturday; though to avoid any possible confusion we could refer to this daylight period as Groundhog Day.  Who wouldn't be for be for an additional 24 hours of weekend over the summer!

At the end of WST, we would just spring our calendars forward two weeks — we go to bed on Saturday, Sept. 8 and wake up on Sunday, Sept. 23. Again, no action required on our part; no need to remember which direction to move the clocks.  Of course, it would affect people with birthdays during this period of September but they could all celebrate on Sept. 23.  And schools would have to stay open two weeks later.  It would be worth it to move that time into the summer.  Like DST, it's a no-brainer.  

Are you with me? Can we get started this summer?

Howard Magness


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