Letter: Remembering Dr. Leonard Wheeler, late school board president in Harford

How I remember Dr. Leonard Wheeler: Following the "The Summit on Ending Racism" which was held at Harford Community College about 10 years ago, my church, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Harford County, and the Ames United Methodist Church initiated dialogues with our members to understand each other's point of view on many subjects. Broadly, who are we as human beings? More closely: Who are we in our relationships with one another? And, how do we think and talk about God? Dr. Wheeler affirmed Faith works.

We met at each other's churches in small groups. He said to call him "Wheeler." He and I found common ground in our educational backgrounds with Maryland and Harford County Public Schools, our age as contemporaries, and what each of us experienced growing up in racially segregated America. We met on common grounds to hopefully redirect the attitudes of our citizens-mostly the children. We wanted to assist them in this new century in recognizing our differences, yes, but more importantly to work with those differences to achieve a quality education and a better life for all children. We wanted to see equality in everything for all children.

More recently, and more personally, Dr. Wheeler was in the Ministers' Processional at the ordination of one of our members, the Rev. Edward Scott Sammler-Michael, at our church. I emphasize: Dr. Leonard Wheeler affirmed Faith works. He was a Harford County Treasure who left us too soon.

JoAnn M. Macdonald


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