Letter: A key presidential election is ahead


This November we again select a president to lead our United States of America. 

Albeit due to nostalgia, my love of history or the sense of duty or patriotism I will exercise my franchise to perform the most time-honored and singular privilege given to Americans; the right to vote. I have performed this honor since Eugene McCarthy ran against Hubert Humphrey in 1968. Unlike previous presidential elections, this one is a seminal moment in America's history.

Most presidential elections prior to 2008 centered largely on the party platforms and the pursuit of constituent goals, but rarely departed from the essence of America's founding principles of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the belief we are all endowed by our creator to achieve our own destiny. This election is quite different.

They say hindsight is crystal clear. Forgetting who is sitting in the Oval Office, each voter must come to grips with a choice that portends the future of our Republic. A decision which will either extinguish or rekindle America's lamp of hope and exceptionalism. Administrations come and go, but the footprints they leave behind can direct our future and generate lows that endure for generations long past the vacancy of the president who commanded the office.

We now are at the threshold of such a moment that can reshape all that has preserved our way of life and what has made this country the single most influential force for good in the world.

My father came here in 1915 and the only thing that determined his failure or success was his own initiative and belief that America was truly the land of opportunity. He built several successful businesses and became a Horatio Alger story for a tiny Greek mountain village and all who followed him.

He would not recognize the America we have today. He would not recognize our $16 trillion debt, the 25 million unemployed, the tens of thousands of foreclosed homes, the lame declaration that someone else built his success, the Marxist ideology of redistributed wealth, the abandonment of an ally facing nuclear extinction or the deliberate bankruptcy of the American Dream.

When I failed to cut my dad's lawn in a timely manner I could not blame it on my brother's last mowing. He made me understand the excessive heaps of grass I left behind were due to my lack of attention and incompetence. He never passed the buck or sought shelter under the shadows of others.

Today, there are too many excuses and failures that swirl around the present occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This administration is equal to its own incompetence, fostering unconstrained spending and bailouts, apologizing to those we need not apologize to, weakening our foreign policy, promoting excessive regulations and class warfare while diminishing our military. He stokes the divisions of blame accredited to the blameless. His resume of empty rhetoric and promises are too long.

A leader must rally the homeland to a common cause for the common good, but this leader divides us by sex, social station, wealth or ethnic calling. He is a man my father would denounce as antithetical to all that is uniquely American. This president's ability to generate social division and dependency reaches the pinnacle of perfection.

Today's active disintegration of our Republic's constitutional fabric embraces many of the reasons it was penned in 1787.

So, what do we do? Do we select the path of Marxist style social leveling or do we choose to uphold the reasons we stood at Bunker Hill, endured at the Meuse-Argonne, became the world's liberators in Tokyo Bay and freed countless millions from oppression.

Our selection is quite simple. Return America to America or choose a path that cannot be reversed and leave behind a nation our children cannot recognize that will detrimentally affect them and their children for the remainder of their days.

For me, I choose freedom, the spirit of American independence and what my father lived by, his own belief that God gave him the ability to succeed on his own without an obtrusive government hindering him to get there.

This November history can record our finest hour for the rebirth of American greatness. Or, it can become our long winter of discontent.

Anthony Lambros

Bel Air

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