Calling attention to the latest problems with the president [letter]


In the last few weeks we have seen the shifting sands of the White House Benghazi response to the facts of the loss of Ambassador Stevens and three other loyal American's at the hands of Islamic Jihadists. Then came the IRS probe into conservative Tea Party groups and other political adversaries of the Obama reelection campaign.

Then came the Department of Justice's invasive efforts to ferret out Associated Press reporters and other news organizations for the sources of Pentagon and White House information leaks.

These injustices and many others, are killing the America of "We the People".

My son lives in Chicago, the embryo of corrupt political origins and the birthplace of criminal thuggery. What better place to spawn the likes of President Obama and the current insults to our Constitution and Republic?

What better podium could exist than that of the Presidency to deflect, deny or manipulate facts, truth and reality?

From his senior advisors, to those who serve at his bidding, the fabric of the Obama White House is becoming threadbare and can no longer be stitched together to fool unsuspecting Americans.

When Americans die that could have been saved, when political beliefs are assaulted by governmental agencies, when our right to free speech is labeled as sedition and when we know that gangland mob tactics run our government, we understand the meaning of a clear and present danger to Americans and it is within our government.

Anthony Lambros


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