Speaking out for Second Amendment [Letter]


On Feb. 6, thousands of pro Second Amendment followers gathered in Annapolis to attend the Senate Judicial Committee's hearing on gun control bill SB281 and listen to the testimony of the governor and his loyal legion of gun control minions.

After much pontification by the governor, Attorney General Gansler and other anti-gun orators, Second Amendment supporters each had two minutes of counter arguments to the bill's patriarch Senator Brian Frosh; the standard bearer for gun haters and our nation's inconvenient right to bear arms. The tide of draconian gun control measures has come to the shores of Annapolis as much as it has in New York, and the reflecting pool in Washington, D.C. with President Obama's (23) "Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions" fronted by Vice President Biden. Chief among these measures are stringent background checks, finger printing and other feel good ideas that wishfully would have stopped Christopher Dorner from his recent murderous California rampage; sure.

Measures and ideas with a "strike while the iron is hot" mentality from liberal politicians, who are guarded 24/7 by a legion of armed centurions. This, on the heels of the horrendous, tragic and mindless killing of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. by a deranged 20-year-old murderer, who made the tally 27 by killing his mother who gave him life. Blame it on the gun, right?

William Shakespeare would have a hard time matching the emotional theatrics of the gun control advocates in the Miller Senate building that Tuesday as they debated the validity of guns to the several thousands of Second Amendment supporters, who populated Lawyers Mall, or couldn't find a single parking space due to the incredible turn out of good, honest, gun owners in opposition to the punitive nature of sponsor Frosh's bill.

Make no mistake, SB281 targeted center mass, on gun dealers, gun ownership, gun licensing, ammunition, gun magazines, punitive gun "style" measures and the "instant creation" of criminality for honest gun owners in Maryland. To what end?

O'Malley plans a run for the Presidency in 2016. Showing the liberals that he can be the savior of their long-awaited gun agenda and defeat of the NRA is a vote-getter. Painting conservative law-abiding gun owners as an obstacle to "sensible" limitations on Second Amendment rights is simply another surreptitious destruction of our Constitution.

So we focus on guns and emotions because of Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech or Columbine. But we have become immune to history. Thirty eight children between the ages of seven and 14, plus six adults and the killer's wife were murdered, along with 58 severely injured innocent bystanders for a total of 103 during a deadly spring fury in Bath Township, Mich. The 45 died at the hands of one revenge-filled man, Andrew Kehoe, a school board treasurer, who was at odds with the Bath school superintendent, had lost a local school election, was facing foreclosure on his farm, was unable to support his gravely-ill wife and was pursued by crushing debt. Yet, after his rampage and subsequent suicide, a coroner's inquest found him sane, but guilty of a methodical, planned execution. His tools consisted of cases of dynamite and a ton of pyrotol. Not a shot was fired. The year was 1927.

Senator Frosh's committee, doing its best, mislabeled the so-called assault rifle weapon they seek to ban, had no appreciation that only 2.6 percent of all murders nationally are committed with any rifle, semi-automatic, bolt action or pump. In addition, the well-studied fact that magazine capacity has zero effect on crime rates was lost on the committee's mindset. It is ludicrous to think a criminal will not be able to obtain weapons illegally, no matter what gun control laws are passed in Annapolis.

Neither can we legislate sanity. Is someone insane because they have aggressive feelings about the color pink? The Ravens have it right, the only effective offense is a good defense. Arm the innocent, protect the unarmed (even if they are liberals) and shoot first. But manufacturing laws that places the Second Amendment into a box of useless, draconian gun control measures is a path that will backfire and cause a reaction that is both unwarranted and dangerous to our freedoms; the slow and deliberate dismantling of our Second Amendment.

Anthony Lambros

Bel Air

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