Letter: Reply to the rant from letter writer Kranz


After the election results were in, I awaited with great anticipation the letter that would be forthcoming from our CPO/SS from Abingdon.

It didn't take long and I was not disappointed. The rant this time was that our administration would lead us down the path to the status of a third world country, there would be a communist takeover of our government and all God given freedoms would be lost. He even hopes the Mayan calendar is right.

The only thing that I agree with in his letter is his reference to the millions who have served this country and the thousands who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to make this nation what it is today.

The sacrifices of these brave men and women have made it possible for the letter writer to express his narrow minded and unfounded opinions. Those sacrifice's have also given this nation the ability to the rest of us, to fairly elect a president by the vote of the majority of the people.

Freedom is a wonderful thing. Keep the letters coming.

David James


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