Letter: Praise for new Bel Air traffic circle


If you haven't taken a drive down Tollgate Road recently, you're in for a pleasant surprise. The construction and detour signs have been replaced by a new mini-roundabout, and navigating around this little marvel is a breeze. As a resident of Ponderosa Estates, I was eagerly looking forward to an easier entrance and exit to my neighborhood, and this has certainly been accomplished. The new roundabout not only slows down traffic, but also improves the flow of traffic from all directions. Whether you are going to the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, entering or leaving Ponderosa Estates, or traveling up or down Tollgate to visit Home Depot or Brad's Produce Stand, you will be impressed with the ease of your drive. Gone are the times when you may have to wait two minutes or longer to turn onto Tollgate or MacPhail Roads. The roundabout saves everyone time, and also increases safety by decreasing speeds. It is an attractive little circle, as well, and well-lit at night. A big "Thank You" goes out to all those involved in the planning, funding, and constructing of our new mini-roundabout!

Sarah Jackman

Bel Air

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