Another lackluster year for Harford in Annapolis [Letter]

Yet another legislative session in Annapolis has ended with little to show for the efforts of our not-so-illustrious delegation from Harford County. And the amazing thing is that at least of two of the delegates admit they were failures.

In a letter to the editor published April 10, Del. Rick Impallaria whines on about all the so-called bad things foisted on Maryland taxpayers by the bad Democrats, but fails to point to anything he was able to achieve. I guess that is because he achieved nothing. He claims to have made a big fight on behalf of the voters, but even there he was a failure.

His colleague, Del. Glen Glass, was even more pathetic. His big issues were an increase in hunting license fees and giving Harford County the ability to levy a tax on hotel room rentals. In his letter to the editor he admitted to failing at both efforts. And the hotel tax was one issue that everyone seemed to agree should be approved.

In The Aegis editorial on the same page titled "No room for tax," a true picture of our delegation's efforts is stated: "…the reality of the situation is Harford County's legislative contingent is ineffectual, knee-jerk in its reactions to certain issues and goes out of its way to make political enemies."

Whatever your viewpoints on the issues, it is clear that Harford County's residents have no one effectively representing them at the state level in the decisions that affect their lives. And at least two of Harford's delegates freely admit that. What a sad state of affairs.

George F. Harrison Jr.

Bel Air

The writer is treasurer of the New Harford Democratic Club.

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