Anti-abortion signs reflect reality


Maddie Walz's letter to the editor ("Anti-abortion activists in Bel Air; Shocked by protester's signs"" published Sept. 30 in the Open Forum) well illustrates the truth: there are none so blind as those who will not see. Sure the anti-abortion signs are bloody and gruesome. Abortion is that and more. It is intrinsically evil; it is murder. Who are standing up for these innocent, helpless, unborn babies being killed by abortion if not "these men" holding up signs in Bel Air?

Abortion providers and their supporters are relentlessly attempting to remove from the public scene all commentary on and pictures of the horror of murder by abortion. Applying the "politically incorrect" label to abortion posters in another tactic – so well illustrated by Maddie Walz's letter to the editor. In many cases, political correctness is a war on Religion. Lest we forget, abortion is primarily a moral and religious issue, and secondarily a political issue.

It is not until a decade or so later that so many of her generation turn pro-life, when they realize they were profoundly fortunate for not having been aborted, and that they might have had another brother or sister were it not for abortion. The average number of innocent unborn babies killed by legal abortion each day in our great Nation of America is 3,200 (1.2 million/year).

Joseph A. Frese

Forest Hill

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